W@TP Christmas Missions

Mark your calendar!  December 5, Thursday, 7:00-8:30 PM the annual Christmas missions event will be held upstairs in the Student Center. Refugee Ministry: There and Here is our focus.  Have you asked will the refugee crisis ever go away? Unfortunately as long as there are people, politics and power the problem will not go away. The Rohingya have been fleeing Myanmar since the 1970s. How would you like to travel to Bangladesh to hear about the Rohingya, one million who have fled there and are now living in camps?  Or travel to Clarkston, Georgia where many refugees currently live from countries like Nepal, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Somalia, Mexico, and Sudan.  This is your chance to have these questions answered and also experience food and drink representative of these countries.  Tickets are $15 with $5 going to our World Missions Offering.  You may sign up online or in the lobby on Nov 13, Nov 20, and Nov 24.