Sunday Grow Groups

Sunday Grow Groups

9:00am Sunday

Beauty for Ashes • Catharine DeLoach • Room 208

A ladies Bible study group committed to growing in Christ-likeness through developing and deepening our interior spiritual life. As a diverse group of women, we welcome with love and acceptance ladies of all ages, backgrounds, and stages of life.

Breakfast Club • John Poole • Room 209/210

A middle-aged (35-50) couples group that has breakfast the first Sunday of every month.  Bible studies cover a wide range of topics from family issues to books of the Bible.

Couple-ology • Steven Franklin • Room 203

Couples, mid-twenties to late thirties who actively serve the church in various ways, but find a great sense of community within this class.  The topics for the Bible study are varied.

Forever Faithful • Bruce Joiner • Room 137/Choir Room

Anage diverse grow group consisting of couples and singles from all walks of life. F3 actively pursues and applies biblical truths in a practical way, seeking to honor God through healthy family life, relationships, marriage, stewardship, and service to His people and the community. F3 shares the love of Christ by reaching those in need through a variety of benevolent outreach projects and services. 

Foundations 101 • Jason Lunsford • Room 211

Couples, in their early to mid-twenties.

Joyful Seniors • Gene Waites • Room 156/157

Senior adults 

Looking for Lovely • April Shaw  • Room 205

Moms with tweens

Meat & Potatoes • Cary Baxter • Room 202

Men 55 and up, who are actively growing in their faith.

Phalanx • Jason Beck • Room 206

Men of all ages

Treasures of Grace • Melanie Byer • Room 153

Women of all ages

Truth Seeker • Larry Wood • Student Worship Area

Couples, mid-thirties to late fifties 

Two or More • Kent Young • Student Lounge Area

Couples, mid-twenties to thirties