Pray For Missions

Missionary Prayer Requests
North American Mission Board

Jordan Branch
Lakewood, Colo.
Jordan Branch planted Calvary Church Lakewood in Lakewood, Colo. Please pray for the Easter service and egg hunt outreach this weekend at Calvary Church Lakewood. Pray for our people to be inviting. Pray for the Spirit to be convicting hearts to attend and to repent and believe. Thank you!

Ho Kim
Midlothian, Texas
Ho Kim is a U.S. Army chaplain serving the 7th Battalion, 95th Regiment in Texas.I am applying for for VA chaplain position in Dallas and San Antonio, Texas. Please pray for my employment

.Tony Silveira
Montreal, Quebec
Tony Silveira is the lead planter of Passion Centre in Montreal, Quebec. We are moving to a new location and are praying for $12,000 to complete renovation works in the new building. We have just enough to pay the rent, but we are believing in God for a provision miracle. Please pray that God will touch our members to give a special offering or for another way of provision.

Bradford Rosenquist
Gallatin, Tenn.
Bradford Rosenquist is a chaplain serving the Tennessee State Guard. Please pray that our service as volunteer State Guard members will be more respected by the National and Air Guard so we can work together.

Gene Collins
St. Charles, Mo.
Gene Collins is the lead planter of True Life Community Church in St. Charles, Mo. Please join our church in praying Luke 10:2. I encourage you to set the alarm on your phone to 10:20 a.m. for the next few weeks as a reminder to pray for us. We need leaders who are already in the church to take ownership and for God to bring new people eager to become workers in the harvest. Pray that the Word of God will be clearly revealed to our church about the individual command for everyone to be in the harvest making disciples. Lastly, pray that God uses us to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

Francisco Uribe
Longview, Wash.
Francisco Uribe planted The Church at Longview in Longview, Wash. We are moving to a bilingual service. Please pray for this. Also, we want to plant a church in Woodland. We need a team and an apprentice to serve with us. We are seeking partnership to achieve this opportunity, wisdom from God to read clearly the time for moving forward and understanding of where God wants to have us as servants.

Rob and Christine Rash
Washington, Mo.
Rob Rash is the church planter of Echo Church in Washington, Mo. As we continue to reach, serve and share the gospel to our community, we are asking for prayer for mature Christians, leaders and families to join us on mission. The Lord is at work, and we are grateful for all that He is doing; however, we need men and women to come alongside us and serve our people as the gospel continues to take root and change lives.