Revealed Pt. 1

This week we are in Psalm 19:1-6. Nature announces the existence of God to us and displays His glory for us.

An Obvious Difference

This week, we are in Galatians 5:19-26. There is an obvious difference between a life lived according to the flesh and a life lived by the Spirit.

What Forgiveness Looks Like Pt. 2

This week we continue in our Experience Forgiveness series with part two of a message entitled What Forgiveness Looks Like. Our passage is Genesis 50:15-21, as we look at the life of Joseph and how he forgave his brothers for the evil they did against him.

The Other Side of Forgiveness

As we continue in our Experience Forgiveness series, we see that “Those who have been freely forgiven must also freely forgive.” This week’s sermon comes from Matthew 18:21-35.

The Blessing of Being Forgiven

This week Pastor Davin continues in the series Experience Forgiveness. Our passage comes from Romans 8:1-4. The benefits that Christ won for us on the cross have been applied to us through faith in Christ.

Forgiven and Free

Easter Sunday This week we are in Ephesian 1:7-8. In this message we learn that Forgiveness is found in Jesus, Forgiveness was bought by Jesus, and The Forgiveness of Sins is Freedom.
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