Blueprints For Christian Leadership

Blueprints For Christian Leadership

The Leader’s Resolve

This week, Pastor Davin takes us to Nehemiah 6:1-19 as we continue in our Blueprints series. We learn that Christian Leadership is marked by the character qualities of Jesus Christ Himself.


This week, we continue in our Blueprints series as we look at Nehemiah 5:14-19. Christian leaders are marked by an unselfishness that is motivated by the fear of God.

Working In A War Zone

This week, we continue in our study through the book of Nehemiah as we look at Nehemiah 4:7-15. We see that christian leaders combine prayer and proactivity as well as observe and encourage the discouraged.

Realities Of Christian Leadership

Just because you are doing a work for God does not mean that you will not be opposed. In fact, if you are leading people to God, you can count on having a very crafty and capable adversary. This week’s sermon text comes from Nehemiah 2:18-20.
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