Sermons by Davin Benavides

Sermons by Davin Benavides

Senior Pastor

Realities Of Christian Leadership

Just because you are doing a work for God does not mean that you will not be opposed. In fact, if you are leading people to God, you can count on having a very crafty and capable adversary. This week’s sermon text comes from Nehemiah 2:18-20.

Where It All Begins

This week we begin a new series in the book of Nehemiah. Our passage come from Nehemiah 1:1-11 and we see that Christian Leadership begins with a burden and progresses to prayer.

Proverbs Pt. 2

This week, Pastor Davin takes us to Proverbs 8 in a sermon entitled Pursue Wisdom. This is part two in our Proverbs series.

Proverbs Pt. 1

Through the month of July we will be studying through the book of Proverbs. This week we are in Proverbs 1